What I Ate: DIY Pancake Mix

I used my buttermilk pancake recipe to make my own DIY pancake mix because I despise boxed mix and I've had a bit of a pancake obsession lately so it's just been easier to make them this way. I just added all of the dry ingredients to a jar and made a pretty little tag for it. Admittedly, the proportions are going to be EVER SO SLIGHTLY off because in the original recipe, you're starting with 1 cup of flour and then adding a bunch of stuff to it so really, it should be something like, 1 cup + 3 tablespoons of dry mix, but seriously, it's not a big deal. To make up for that, I just omitted the milk from the recipe directions.
Anyway, here are the results of this awesome product. The griddle pan is from World Market (one of my new favorite places to buy kitchen stuff). It's double sided and the flat side is perfect for making pancakes.

My favorite way to make breakfast sausage is to brown it up and then drizzle with maple syrup. So delicious.
Isn't this just the most picture perfect breakfast? The maple syrup is just out of frame. If I could make a suggestion, I think this meal would be an amazing way to spend a snowy winter morning. Don't you agree?


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