Christmas 2013

Did everyone enjoy their holidays? I hope so. I'm just sharing a few photos of our day and our delicious lunch/dinner (we ate at 3). It wasn't as big as Thanksgiving since it was just three of us, excuse me, four including George Michael, but it was still amazing.
{my handmade card}
{our family photo}
{pile of presents}
{even GM got a gift}
{he loved it and started playing with it immediately}
{it was a giant bucktoothed beaver with a squeaky head and a crinkly tail}
{I got my sister a few goodies}
{including a new phone case, that looks like a zebra}
{and my sister got me a 3DS, equipped with Animal Crossing!}
{creme brûlée}
{chopped rosemary}
{salt, coarse pepper, garlic, and rosemary rub}
{searing the roast}
{covering the roast with the rub}
{in the oven}
{taking a rest}
{making mushroom gravy}
{le yum}
{roasted fingerling potatoes with bacon bits}
{the spread}
{my plate}
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmases as much as I did!