Tea Towels

Last weekend, I did a little shopping and picked up a few things for the kitchen so I want to share them with you. I went to Target and Christmas Tree Shops, which are both wallet-friendly destinations.

First, in the spirit of Valentine's Day: heart-shaped measuring cups and spoons (plastic, $3.00, Target). I already own a few measuring cup/spoon sets but they are all either metal or ceramic so I thought it would be good to toss a plastic set in the mix.
Next up are these plastic sandwich bags ($1.00, Target) which have little owls on them. I thought they'd be nice for storing homemade treats to hand out. Cute, right?
From Christmas Tree Shops, I picked up four tea towels (Paula Deen Collection, $1.99 to $3.99). I fell in love with these at the store because they were so cheap but also because they have little recipes on them. I think they're going to look really sweet in the kitchen and I'm excited to use them (but they need to be washed first).
Last thing I got was this trifle dish (Xmas Tree Shops, $2.99). It's on the smaller side - probably holds about 5 cups of liquid - but it's perfect for a recipe I'll be sharing later this week (Friday).
So that's it for my little haul of kitchen goodies! (I always feel a little awkward trying to end posts gracefully and this is a good example of how I usually fail at it).


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