Contact Me!

Hello and Happy Groundhog's Day Eve! So no recipe today, sorry. I just wanted to pop on and share my new blog-devoted email address,, for anyone who would like to contact me for any reason, be it criticism or praise or random ranting. Also, at the suggestion of one of my friends (and former roommates), I have set up a store on Zazzle. Zazzle instead of Etsy because it's just easier and I am lazy. There's not much there yet, but I plan on drawing more graphics in the future so I expect the store will grow (much like this blog has). By the way, there is a tab up top that says "shop!" which will also take you to the store, should you want to visit in the future.

Thanks to anyone who reads my blog regularly and irregularly. It's been quite a treat to see the daily site visits grow from zero, when I first started, to the triple digits! I don't think that's a v. impressive number for any of those famous bloggers out there (I'm looking at you, Pioneer Woman) but the real purpose behind this blog was so that I could catalog my recipes for my sister and me. I wanted either of us to be able to access from anywhere (since she's away at college now) so the growing viewership is just an added plus.

And because this post looks so empty and boring without a photo, I have attached a shot of my dog in my bike basket, mid-blink, looking a little foolish but still adorable.


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