Mandarin Oranges

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine's Day and if not, at least you can be glad it's over. I'm feeling quite lazy today so all I'm sharing are some photos of mandarin oranges, which are so deliciously in season right now. If you have never tried them, I suggest you go and get some. We have a huge box of them at home, and what I love most about them is that they still have the stems with a few leaves on them! They look so darling.

They taste pretty similar to tangerines and clementines but they have a stronger citrus smell and flavor and they're really tart but sweet. The peels are a bit more difficult to get off compared to clementines (where the peels pop off with no effort at all) but that's fine with me because my hands smell delicious and orange-y afterwards.

Since it's cold and flu season, I recommend you get some Vitamin C! And what better way than with fresh fruits?


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