Christmas 2012

I had a really lovely holiday, and I hope all you Christmas-celebrators did as well. No recipe today, just a few photos.

For dinner, we (my sister and I) made prime rib (medium) with parsley chimichurri, frisee salad, wild rice pilaf, creamy spinach, sweet corn, and accordion potatoes. I'll be sharing recipes for the prime rib, creamy spinach, and accordion potatoes soon.
For Christmas, I got myself these cute chocolate-dipped strawberry measuring cups and spoons. They're ceramic so I have to be super gentle with them but I thought they were just so cute. I got them off of Hautelook but they are also available from Boston Warehouse. I also got a cute rhino butter dish and magnetic clips for the fridge.
And, I received this Indian cookbook from my baby sister. I'm super excited to use this book because (like my sister said) it's good to have a cookbook that I'll actually use, since making Indian cuisine is pretty unfamiliar to me.
Lastly, I'd like to share my favorite holiday drink: Moscato d'Asti. It's a super super sweet white dessert wine and it tastes like juice. Cupcake is a great brand because it's sparkling moscato but I also love Voga.


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