The Breakers

Recently, I went to lunch with my coworker at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. It's a really fancy luxe hotel with impeccable staff and service. We ate at the Seafood Bar and I loved it.

Heading up the driveway. Beautiful, right? Feels kind of like you're driving up to a palace or something.
This is how lovely and blue the water is. There was an entrance to the beach right next to the restaurant so I went and got some fresh ocean air before lunch.

The bar is really unique because it's a fish tank. Here's a little baby fish swimming around under people's drinks.
And another little fishy. A v. unique experience drinking above an aquarium.
And of course, cute sea-themed centerpieces.
Onto the food! They were offering a three course meal for $39 so I decided to pick off of that menu. I was skeptical about the portion sizes but they were so huge and generous.

I started with the coconut shrimp which came with a mango salsa and a tangy aioli. The shrimp was perfectly battered and crispy and really tender. I thought it was incredibly delicious.
For my entree, I had the gnocchi with sweet corn, peas, cheesy corn sauce, and grilled chicken. The gnocchi was really tender and I loved the corn. The chicken was tender and had a great charred taste (like it was actually grilled and not just painted with grill marks) and though I found the sauce a bit salty, it did add a nice contrast to the sweet pieces of corn.
And finally, for dessert, I was given a huge Bruce Bogtrotter (Matilda, anyone?) -sized piece of chocolate cake. It was layered with chocolate pudding and then covered in a ganache. Really rich and delicious but the cake itself was light and fluffy. It was literally the size of my head.
Overall a really delicious meal with great ambiance. And look at this view we had throughout the entire meal. Unbeatable.


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