Happy Fourth of July!

It is Independence Day and since we're midway through summer already (or at least the 100 degree weather sure makes it feel that way) I've decided to share a three of my current favorite summertime treats:

When I'm on the road (for example, currently I'm working in Florida) and don't have a blender to make my own green smoothies, I'll pick up a bottle of Naked Green Machine juice smoothie. Loads of fruits and veggies and so delicious. Plus, their advertising line makes me laugh: "looks weird, tastes amazing."
And though I'm not big on ice cream (it's just too cold and creamy for me), I do love the occasional frozen treat, especially on a scorching hot day. Since I can't handle a huge portion (and to save on calories) I love these new Magnum Mini ice cream bars with almonds. Karl Lagerfeld directed the commercial with Rachel Bilson, who I love.
And lastly, my sister made these pinata cookies (filled with m&ms) and I think they look amazing and summery and make a great treat for a Fourth of July party. The blog I found these on say they're Cinco de Mayo, but I think adding in a few more colors and giving them a rainbow twist turns them into anytime-of-summer cookies.


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