Key West

Greetings from Turks and Caicos! Yes, the post is titled "Key West" but currently I'm on holiday in Turks & Caicos so the blog posts for this week are going to pretty low key and casual to match the theme of being on vacation.
giant lobster on Islamorada
I drove down to Key West a couple weeks ago and stopped at Caroline's for lunch (yelp review here) and had their most popular dish, the fish sandwich. It was HUGE and delicious.
After lunch, I wandered down Duval to do a bit of window shopping on my way to the Southernmost Point.
On my way back, I stopped at Flamingo Crossing (yelp review here) for some frozen treats to cool off, since it was an extremely hot, muggy, sweaty day. I tried the orange sorbet (their most popular flavor) and the coconut ice cream. The coconut ice cream tasted really tropical and sweet and the sorbet was perfectly hydrating. I need to buy myself an ice cream maker so that I can make this for myself at home.

Afterwards, it started raining like crazy! Look at my evidence below - that's how much water collected after a ten minute rainstorm. So that was the wet end to my day in Key West.


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