What I Ate: Strawberry & Peach Mini Crumble Pies

I'm still holding onto summer for as long as I can and even if you can't deny that the trees are starting to change color and that the morning temperatures are much crisper than they were a few weeks ago and that it's dark when I wake up in the morning, I can always trick my brain with food. I made these mini pies, mostly because I was craving something sweet, but also because I was in the wanted to celebrate the continuing sunshine with a summery, cute dessert.

I used my standard pie dough, mixed up the filling with sugar and cornstarch and some spices and lemon juice, per usual, and then topped it with a crisp topping.
The great thing is, even though I'm in denial about summer's end, now that it is a little cooler, I can actually bear turning the oven on. The glass is half full, my friends.