Summer Holiday 2016 Food Diary

This is going to be a slightly different style of post. I just wanted to share all of the snaps of food I took whilst on holiday a few weeks ago. For more detailed holiday posts, you can head over to my travel blog (I went to London and the Greek Islands).
But here, I'm literally just sharing the photos, food pr0n style.

London: Maze Grill Mayfair, lunch
London: About Thyme, dinner
London: Red Lion at Gatwick Airport, breakfast
Oia: street vendor, snack
Oia: Skala, dinner
Oia: Strogili Houses (hotel), breakfast
Fira: Zafora, lunch
Oia: Floga, dinner
Vlichada: beach vendor, lunch
Oia: Lolita's, snack
Ammoudi Bay: Sunset Ammoudi Tavern, dinner
Oia: gyro shop next to bus station, lunch
Oia: Lolita's, snack
Parikia: Koralli, dinner
Parikia: Akrotiri (hotel), breakfast
Parikia: Alaea, lunch
Mykonos: Katerina's, dinner
Mykonos: The Red Parrot, snack
Mykonos: Margie Mykonos (hotel), breakfast
Mykonos: Sakis Grill House, lunch
Mykonos: Trio Bambini, snack
Mykonos: Kounelas Fish Tavern, dinner
Mykonos: airport, lunch
London: Est. India, dinner
London: Sky Garden, breakfast
London: Hummingbird Bakery, snack
London: Sketch, afternoon tea
London: Duck + Rice, dinner
London: Brick Lane Fruit Market, breakfast
London: Bob Bob Ricard, Sunday roast
Obviously, we ate v. well on this trip and I can't wait to go back.