What I Ate: Nutella & Berry Sandwiches

You guys, this is my thousandth post! Hooray! That's crazy to me. It's been about five years since I started this blog, which makes me feel proud and kind of old and happy that I'm just as hungry and excited about food as ever. For today's post, I have a confession to make: I'm addicted to Nutella.
Can you blame me? It's so good. But to be frank, the timing of this dessert is not great. I'm actually headed to Florida this weekend for some sun and surf and snorkeling and a tub of Nutella isn't exactly the cutest thing for the waistline.

Hey, everything in moderation, right?

Open-faced sandwiches are good, but closed ones mean I get to eat twice the amount of delicious, buttery brioche.
Carpe diem!