Garden Update 1

Happy first day of summer!

The first month of our garden was only so-so. Some of the plants are thriving like our lemon tree, but some are struggling. I think it's because the weather has been so up and down; it's 50F one day and 90F the next so the plants are probably really confused.
Even so, I'm pretty happy with the progress.

The bok choy are flourishing, though butterflies and bugs have been chewing on the leaves.
Our oregano plant from last year is going nuts. We actually chopped everything off and gave it away already. I suspect that it'll be humongous again in just a few weeks.
The lemon plant budded a few flowers and then they bloomed and now they're forming little tiny lemons.
The carrots are making progress.
The peonies came and went.
We've already harvested some Korean chives, Thai basil, and cilantro.
The poppies seem to be doing okay. I'm hoping we'll have some pretty flowers to decorate the kitchen with later this summer.
And the lavender is looking awesome and smelling equally amazing.
I can't wait to get some peppers and cucumbers and hopefully we can coax at least one watermelon to come and play.