What I Ate: Garden 2015

I love using the super fresh produce from our garden. For one, it's fun to "harvest" what I need as I need it and have it be super fresh and gorgeous. But mostly, I love that it's all pesticide-free and better than organic because it's home grown.
I thought I'd share some of the yummy meals I made using our garden harvests.

I made some Korean chive pancakes (using the same batter as my zucchini pancakes).
I also made some pickled perilla leaves and used the leftover perilla leaves for ssam. I added Korean chives to some seafood jungol and to a batch of cucumber kimchi.
I also sprinkled a little oregano onto grilled pizza and chopped up some jalapenos into the hot sauce for some crispy wings.
I also chopped up some hot peppers to make the sauce for Korean crispy wings.
I also made a batch of three cheese mac (using parmesan, brie, and cheddar) and some wilted kale with bacon; both had hot peppers in the mix.
I also added some spicy peppers to a pan of spicy Korean calamari.
Chopped oregano and basil were picked just to go into a bowl of hand crushed tomatoes for a dinner of pizza bread with figs and honey and wings.
I can't wait until our little fig tree starts producing figs because I am going to make this pizza bread every friggin' day. It was so good.



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