What I Ate: Coconut Pie

So a couple of weeks ago, my coconut pie recipe was voted the best recipe with coconut on Food52. It was super exciting, considering I only joined the site a couple of months ago and have been submitting to the contests just for fun. It was the third contest I entered and it was super exciting to be made a finalist, let alone win.
In celebration of winning, I decided to make a pie to share with family and friends at home and then a second pie to share with my coworkers. In the process, I set up my camera and made a video.

I always knew this pie was supremely delicious but having this validation is awesome. If you have time, whip one up because it's really good. For the full recipe, you can go to my older post or scroll down for the recipe page.



  1. Congrats!! That's so exciting!!! It sounds delicious, that's for sure.



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