Garden Update 2

Over the weekend, I drove down to Philadelphia. I met up with my friend, H, who was there for work. We've been doing lots of little city weekends together (with plenty of biking) and this weekend was no different except that it was boiling hot.

Luckily for me, the garden has been basically in "maintenance mode." The end of June into July was full of rainy days so there was no need to water. There was zero threat of frost so we didn't have to baby any of the plants. All I've been doing is going out to snap a few photos and harvest what's ready.

This is an exciting and extra cool garden update because I discovered a nest that a robin made in the bush by the driveway. I park next to this bush every day and every morning on my way to work, the robin would fly out of the bush and scare the crap out of me because apparently, me getting in my car disturbed her beauty sleep. I know that I'm not necessarily growing these birds the way that I'm cultivating my garden but I figured that this nature-filled post was a perfect opportunity to share a few snaps.
A lot has happened this past month so be prepared for a slew of photos.

These are the bulbs we got in Italy. A bunch of them bloomed and I love them because they're beautiful and because they're our Italian souvenirs. (As long as we take care of them) they're going to last forever, unlike the pesto and chocolate we also brought home.
Our lemon tree is doing so well!
The fig, which started off pretty pathetic and then almost died in the frost, has bounced back and is looking rather lush.
The blueberry plants from last year have come back to life.
And the grape vines are doing awesome.
And here's the moment you've all been waiting for! The robin!
Not to be a killjoy but the third egg was a dud and either got pushed out of the nest or eaten because it never hatched. The other two babies are huge and grew up and flew away prior to this post. I took a ton of photos over the course of two weeks so if you're interested in seeing more, head over to my travel blog because I went bird-crazy over there.


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