Grilled Nutella & Marshmallow

First of all, happy birthday to my baby sister! We're on holiday right now, and we've got reservations to dine at Coco Bistro tonight. We're going to get some of their world famous coconut pie. If you've never been or you're craving coconut pie, you could totally make some yourself. Anyway, this is a recipe dedicated to her because she loves marshmallows.

This is a modified take on grilled nutella. For some reason, we had piles and piles of bread so for dessert, I whipped together this grilled nutella and s'mores hybrid. It was delicious. I feel like this could have been just another 'What I Ate' type post and just reference you to the grilled nutella post. But, I wanted to make this an official recipe post because it turned out so delicious, I just wanted to share it properly.
Ingredients [for one]:
2 slices challah bread
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon Nutella
1 jumbo marshmallow, cut into pieces

Spread one piece of the challah with nutella.
Top with marshmallow pieces and torch to toast them. This step is optional, but I like it because it adds a lovely caramelized flavor.
Top with the second piece of bread and spread butter on the outside of each sandwich.
Pop the sandwiches on a hot grill pan and toast until the marshmallow gets gooey and delicious and the bread is golden brown with beautiful grill marks.
So pretty, right?
Split the sandwich in half, top with ice cream (if you want), and enjoy! The bread is sweet and crisp, the marshmallow is stretchy and sticky and gooey, and the nutella is sweet and chocolatey.
Here's the recipe page:


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