3 Tea Sandwiches

Spot of tea, please! Along with kettle corn at the movies, sexy accents, and rugby, I'd love if high tea became something casual that we Americans did on a daily basis. I mean, what's better than halting your afternoon activities to sit down and sip a cuppa and munch on some yummy sandwiches? I don't know, is it just me that finds that incredibly appealing?

Anyway, it's not like we're not allowed to have tea in America. Just put a kettle onto boil, grab some crustless bread and salmon, and slap together some snacks and tuck in. These are the sandwiches we had at D's bridal shower and I think they were a hit. I mean, people were eating them without spitting them up so I'd say they were a hit. They look adorable and are perfect with a teacup full of fragrant tea.
There really isn't anything incredibly innovative about the flavors of these tea sandwiches but hopefully they'll offer you a little inspiration and make your tummy growl.

First up is a salmon & dill sandwich.
Mix up a handful of dill fronds with softened cream cheese.
Slather the spread onto two slices of crustless bread. I bought the bread already crustless but it's easy enough for you to slice the crusts off yourself. Pile on a few pieces of smoked salmon and squish the two pieces together. Cut into four triangles and get ready for some yum.
The second sandwich is a tomato & basil variety.
Mix together some chopped up basil with mascarpone and a pinch of salt.
Spread some of the mascarpone onto two slices of bread. Add just a few chunks of tomato, slap the two slices of bread together, and slice into four triangles. This one's super fragrant and it's just a classic flavor combination.
The last one I've got for you is a cucumber & goat cheese version.
Mix sour cream and goat cheese together into a smooth spread.
Spread the goat cheese mixture onto two slices of bread and smack 'em together.
Top with a pretty pattern of cucumber slices and then cut into four pieces.
Stack the sandwiches on a pretty serving platter and serve with hot cups of tea and tuck in. Chap.

By the way, I bought this cute little tiered serving platter from Christmas Tree Shops for $5. The hardware was black to start, which I thought made it look kind of old fashioned in a non-cool way so I decided to paint the hardware gold.

Here's the recipe page:


  1. I love this and I want to eat this. Such simple flavor combos -- I think a major flaw in American ideas about food (general mentality, not educated or inspired folks) is over-complicating things. Some decent bread - a soft spread component (flavored as appropriate) and a fresh ingredient (salmon, tomato, cucumber, as detailed above!) is just perfect! And your cucumbers are so gorgeously sliced!! :)

    1. I know!! Simple and clean flavors are always amazing. No muss, no fuss, just delicious. <3<3


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