What I Ate: Pasta with Rapini, Eggplant, & Sausage

I don't have a kitchen update this week because the countertop installation is delaying my posts a bit. The installation has been scheduled for this Thursday so I will have an update for you next week. I promise. In the mean time, I have a yummy dish to share.

I love rapini a.k.a. broccoli rabe. It's bitter and it's supposed to be bitter so it can be an acquired taste. The good news is that it pairs well with a spicy sausage and mild eggplant and adds a depth a flavor unmatched by spinach or kale. For dinner a few months ago (my gosh, months, when our kitchen was still usable) I made pasta (I used gemelli, which is one of my favorite cut pasta shapes) with eggplant, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes from our garden, a little chicken stock, rapini, and spicy sausage. I grilled the sausage on the grill outdoors and then sliced it up before adding it to the rest of the ingredients.

 It was delicious. I love pasta dishes like this where you just combine a bunch of stuff you like together in a big bowl. It's simple and delicious and the cleanup is quick.


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