Garden Update 6

It's been a while since my last garden update. It's almost the end of September so the garden isn't as fruitful as it was a month ago. A few of these photos are from August but the garden is still providing us with some goodies. It's a good garden.

We finally had some tomatoes turning red, habaneros turning orange, and cayenne peppers turning red too. Pretty exciting.

This will probably be my final garden update of the year. Unfortunately, the watermelons were pecked by birds so they didn't grow much more than what's shown in the photo above. It's my own fault for trying to plant them so late. I'm sorry, watermelons!

We learned a lot about gardening this year. I used plant food and it made the tomatoes and cucumbers grow like crazy. I hung ivory soap and it kept the deer away (though, it definitely didn't prevent the birds from pecking at the tomatoes). I let the cilantro flower too early and we only got a few uses out of it. Next year, I think I want to plant smaller tomatoes and give it its own little area because it completely took over. I'd also like to try planting some other vegetables; I'm thinking about squash and eggplant currently but who knows how I'll feel by next April?



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