Kitchen Tools

I've been dreaming about owning a KitchenAid mixer ever since my first episode of the show 'Sweet Dreams,' hosted by Gale Gand. I think I was in 8th grade, watching her make a simple batch of cookies, and I thought, Hm, why am I always trying to mix cookie batter with a fork? Can I get one of those for myself? Anyway, lately, it seems that Target is having a sale on KitchenAid appliances every other week (usually 20% off) and I'm always tempted to buy one. Apparently they're made a little cheaper than they used to be (according to numerous reviews on both Target and Amazon) but they're getting more colorful and vibrant.

I'm not sure which color I'd get but I know I'd get a few attachments right away.

It's not like I absolutely need one, considering I've been fine making bread and cakes and everything else without it for years. But, if I stumbled upon a pile of cash lying around somewhere, I would definitely go buy one immediately.