Malibu Mojitos

Summer is here, isn't it? The blazing hot weather makes me crave refreshing drinks, and sometimes I want alcoholic refreshing drinks. Mojitos are one of my favorite libations because they taste super fresh from the mint and bubbles.
Ingredients [per drink]:
2 shots of Malibu or just plain clear rum if that's what you have on hand (though, this is a Malibu mojito recipe)
1 lime wedge
1 teaspoon sugar or simple syrup**
2 or 3 mint leaves
3/4 cup of tonic water or sparkling water
frozen berries *optional

**Simple syrup is just equal parts water and sugar that's heated over a gentle heat just until all of the sugar is dissolved. It's the best option if you prefer a sweeter cocktail because adding too much granulated sugar means it most likely will not completely dissolve in the cocktail and you'll end up with a gritty drink. However, I do like how the sugar acts as an abrasive and really helps coax a lot of flavor and aroma out of the mint leaves. That being said, if you prefer a sweeter cocktail, start with just a sprinkle of sugar to muddle with the mint leaves and then add in simple syrup to taste.

Muddle the sugar and mint leaves and then squeeze in a lime wedge and just drop that wedge in the bottom of the glass. Then add in the Malibu and tonic water and give it a quick stir. Garnish with the frozen berries - which I use instead of ice - and serve! The hint of coconut gives this cocktail a nice tropical vibe and it's really refreshing on a summer evening. Oh, and the longer the cocktail sits, the prettier and more pink it will become.


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