New Stuff: Stone Pot

Yay! So a few weeks ago, I picked up a stone pot from HMart ($40, also available online from koamart) and it's been amazing to make rice in it. It's pretty quick (10 minutes cooking time) and it makes some really delicious rice. I prefer a drier rice (sticky rice cooked to a consistency similar to short grain rice) but some of my family members prefer a wetter rice (sticky rice cooked to its true nature). This pot produces a nice compromise because the rice is sticky but not overly wet.

If you decide to invest in a pot like this, you'll have to treat it with care. There is a process to "season" the pot (similar to how you treat cast iron before cooking with it).

First, fill up the pot about two-thirds full with water and add in a few pinches of salt. Place the lid on it and let the water come to a boil. Once the water boils, empty it and let the heat of the pot evaporate all the moisture out. Next, brush the inside with oil - I used sesame oil because I like the flavor but canola or vegetable oil would be fine.

To make rice in the pot, rinse (I like to rinse and drain 3 times) and then soak your short grain rice in water for at least an hour (you could leave it in the fridge overnight too). I used 3 cups of rice - which was pretty much all my pot could handle.

Once your rice has soaked - you'll notice that the grains, which were slightly translucent prior to soaking, will become white and opaque - drain it. Then add the rice to the pot and then top it off with enough water to cover the grains plus about 1 cm above it. The 1 cm rule is just something my mom taught me. I do the same when I make rice in a rice cooker. Place the lid back on the pot, turn the heat on med-low and then leave it alone for about 10 minutes and then tada! The rice should be perfectly cooked and fluffy.


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