Anchovy Side Dish

There's an updated version of this recipe with prettier photos and a recipe page if you're interested!

On lazy days where I'm craving Korean food but don't have the energy to make anything too complicated, I'll just make a simple side dish to go with my rice, myulchee. It's just stir-fried dried anchovies; super easy to make and yummy. You can make the following without the hot peppers or hot pepper paste and just add in some sesame seeds to make a non-spicy version, but I prefer it with a little kick.
To prepare, just heat the oil in a big non-stick skillet and stir fry the anchovies, peppers, and garlic together until they all start to soften up. Then sprinkle in the brown sugar, add in the hot pepper paste, and then stir together. I use wooden chopsticks to stir because it's the best tool. I can't really think of anything else that would work as well.
 Enjoy :)


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