Happy New Year!

I'm kicking off 2012 in Hawaii!!

My resolution this year: eat more! Most people pledge to diet and lose weight but that never works for me so this year I'm going to eat like I mean it.

Things I've never made but I'd like to try and make this year:
  1. soup dumplings (I already know this is going to be a lot of work and take a few days, but I think the reward will be worth it)
  2. croissants (my favorite French breakfast pastry)
  3. butter poached lobster (they're always poaching lobster on Iron Chef, I'd like to see what the big deal is)
  4. macarons (I joke with my sister that I'm awesome at making macarons with Cooking Mama for my Nintendo DSi; seriously though, I think this could be potentially an amazing project)
  5. homemade fresh mozzarella (I'm imagining a super fresh caprese salad in the summer time)
  6. tamales (my coworker brought me some for lunch one day and they were amazing)
  7. crème brûlée (I'll need to buy a torch)
  8. pho (I'm wondering how difficult it would be to make this at home...)
  9. carpaccio (I recently bought a meat pounder)
  10. risotto (this one might take some practice)
Dishes I LOVE and have made lots of times before but I still need to blog about:

  1. spaghetti carbonara (makes me think about my trip to Rome with my good friend, Diana)
  2. thai red curry (creamy, delicious, and you can control the amount of fat/oil when you make it at home)
  3. fake Indian food (I say fake because try as I might, it doesn't taste as authentic at home; but it still tastes good)
  4. chicken pita and falafels (the tzatziki is the best part and my biggest excuse for wanting to make Greek food)
  5. summer rolls (it's more delicious and more cost effective to make these at home)
And of course, I have plenty more posts for the many many Korean dishes I love.

Now for a few of my favorite Instagram shots of food...

empty dishes are the best indicator that a meal was delicious