Flour Bakery's Sticky Buns

Here is the link to the Best Sticky Bun Recipe EVER!!! (plus a Video)
I don't want to rewrite the recipe because it's already pretty well-written so I'm just posting photo collages of my experience making these by hand (because I don't have a fancy KitchenAid mixer... yet).

I had the pleasure of visiting Flour Bakery in Boston a few summers ago and I finally worked up the motivation to make the sticky buns myself. I adjusted the recipe a bit (made half the brioche dough and used hazelnuts instead of pecans - because we had them at home).

The Dough (I made a half recipe, since the website says that the brioche dough recipe makes 2 batches of sticky buns)

The Goo

The Filling

The Assembly

The Baking
It was a lot of work putting this together but the reward was definitely worth the effort. The dough is soft and chewy and airy and the goo is so sticky and yummy.


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