Christmas Dinner Planning

I love any holiday that allows us to make a special dinner and spend all day cooking. I also love inviting over tons of people because that gives us the excuse to make lots of dishes and not worry so much about being overwhelmed with leftovers. However, this year, we're doing something small - just my dad, sister, and me - so we need to make a more appropriate amount of food.

Here's what I have planned so far:
The dessert is still pretty up in the air though. I wrote down two ideas but I don't know how they'll pan out.

I also have a list of a few other dishes I want to make over the break, like mandoo (Korean dumplings), ddukbokki (rice cake with a spicy sauce), and paella, to name a few. I'm supposed to be watching what I eat because I'm going to Hawaii in 9 days but it's the holidays! It's time to indulge :)

Holiday cheers!


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