I've been trying to find the perfect new measuring cups and spoons. I've been wandering around Christmas Tree Shop and Target and HomeGoods looking for a cheap replacement for my current set, which, while still usable, is old and lackluster. And they're made of plastic, which I think makes them hold onto grime better, for some reason. Like when I measure out oil, I feel like it leaves behind an unpleasant film, and I do not like it.
cute, but no.

I'm thinking either metal or glass for my new set so that I no longer have the unpleasant rinse issue. I also want them to be cute, but not in a way that hinders their function.

Par example: I see this style of heart-shaped spoons and cups on sale all over during the pre-Valentine's Day season, but they aren't v. practical. Imagine measuring out some lard to make a pie crust; I wouldn't be able to perform a graceful swoop and scoop with a rubber spatula, as I'd be hindered by the shape of the heart.

No, no, I think I want these:
These are from World Market for $10.98, which is pretty great. I love that each measuring cup has a little lip for pouring and the pristine white porcelain is v. charming. Of course, I'll have to be a little more delicate with these, but I think the pink-striped June Cleaver-esque apron I got myself (for $5 from Christmas Tree Shop) will help me be a bit more delicate in the kitchen.

I might just order myself a set, perhaps in time for Thanksgiving, as that holiday requires a lot of measuring.


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