Desserts Galore

Baking is completely based on chemistry - you need an exact recipe so I never really make up dishes the way I do when I'm cooking; I usually just amend or modify an existing recipe (like my raspberry cake recipe).

Here are a bunch of desserts I made by borrowing other talented people's recipes.


finished and glazed
(glaze was made with powdered sugar, vanilla, and a splash of milk)

so hungry!
This cake was really really sweet and moist. My family decided it tasted better when it was refrigerated because flavor is dulled when food is chilled. That's why ice cream contains so much sugar.
moist and delicious
(I wanted a recipe from a true Southerner)

jazzed up into a birthday cake with cream cheese frosting,
food coloring, pearl sprinkles, and silk flowers)

Chocolate Chip Treasure Cookies
(via Eagle Brand condensed milk)
used mini chocolate chips for better chocolate distribution
The batter doesn't contain any eggs so it's safe to munch on (I recommend it).

swirled a chocolate ganache into the frosting, just because

Bon appetit.


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