What I Ate: Falafel Pita

I love homemade Greek food; I'm particularly partial to falafels. I'm all about soaking the chickpeas and adding loads of yummy spices and then deep frying them until they're crisp. Sure, there are restaurants that do a great job, but short of flying to the Mediterranean, I think they're best at home.
Of course, that also means that homemade tzatziki and pita pockets are compulsory. Oh, and if you're not keen on keeping the meal vegetarian, a little chicken souvlaki will hit the spot.

I added a little bit of diced dill pickles to my tzatziki to make it taste more like the stuff they use in diners.
What a feast!
To make pita pockets, I just use my flatbread pita recipe but I roll the dough out thinner and bake it at 400F on a pizza stone, which makes them puff up.