What I Ate: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I'm a little sad and ashamed to say that I didn't break out my ice cream maker at all this past summer and I didn't try and attempt a new flavor. The last time I made ice cream, it was a salted caramel one and that was the summer of 2015. I don't even have any real excuses because the chiller bowl for the ice cream maker has a permanent spot in my freezer so as long as there's some dairy in the fridge, I could potentially make ice cream at any time.

Well, I didn't whip up a new flavor for autumn or winter, but I did revisit an old favorite: vanilla bean ice cream. It's the first ice cream I ever made with my little trooper of a machine and it's still my favorite. It's lusciously simple but powerfully flavorful and it was the perfect topper for the sticky toffee pudding I served at Thanksgiving.
Even though this is a 'what I ate' post, I threw the recipe page down at the bottom for convenience. Happy Christmas.

Here's the recipe page, as promised: