New Cookbooks

Recently, I found a bag under my desk that had a few books we'd bought at the Philly AIDS Thrift last year and had completely forgotten about. Among those books were two cute (and crazy cheap) cookbooks that I was excited to add to our small collection. And then, I went ahead and bought the Bob's Burgers Burger Book for two reasons: burgers are one of my favorite foods and Bob's Burgers is one of my favorite shows. So, I figured this would be a good time to share my tiny cookbook collection.

Admittedly, I'm not that big on cookbooks. I prefer to make dishes up on my own and experiment if I'm cooking something new - which is usually inspired by something delicious I've eaten at a restaurant - or I stick to what I grew up eating.
Some of these were gifts and some were bought on our own, but I mostly like looking at these as a way to kill time and have fun. I haven't made many recipes from these. And I didn't want to share everything, but I picked a few that I thought were special to share.

I can't wait to make some burgers from Bob's; and I'm thinking we'll watch the matching episode whilst we dine.
I bought this Elliot's book because I thought it was super cute. And I kind of loved the old timey language and concepts.
This Laduree book is from my cousin (also from the Philly Aids Thrift). It's beautiful and it goes beyond the famous macarons. I might try and work on my French pastry skills with this guy... when I'm feeling ambitious.
I'm cheap so I don't expect to add many more cookbooks unless I can find good deals at the thrift store again, but I'm pretty tempted to add in some Ina and Zahav (the Michael Solomonov book); maybe if I find them on sale, someday I will.


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