What I Ate: Fried Chicken

I applied the breading technique used to make my spicy chicken sandwiches with a pile of chicken wings. I made some buttermilk biscuits. I also made sauteed rainbow chard. And, we had some leftover rice pilaf because we really needed another carb on the table.
Basically, I made mini fried chicken with some awesome sides and it was like a little mini southern comfort-esque meal.

At my sister's insistence, I also fried up the little Thai chili peppers that I had added to the buttermilk soak (you know, to enhance the spice factor). They were dangerous but delicious.
This was a super delicious meal. I felt like frying wings this way was a nice alternative to regular friend chicken. And, it tricked my brain into thinking, "Whoa, I ate a lot," even though I had just three wings. This is the type of diet I can get into.


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