Vanilla Custard & Chocolate Wafer Cookies

I feel like I should be posting healthier foods because the warm weather really is approaching and my body is no where near ready for skimpy skirts and bikinis.

Oh well! My bikini body will have to wait, as today's recipe is full of sugar and fat and chocolate wafers; basically all of the good things in life. And, I decided to share it in video form because I think that editing videos can be quite fun. That's not to say that I'm any good at it but I'm certainly improving with every go.

It takes a little while for me to decide what sort of recipe would be fun to make and to watch on video. It needs to be interesting and complicated enough to warrant a video, you know? Today's video shows the process (mostly in fast-forward) of making a vanilla custard and then how you might assemble it with some cookies into a delicious dessert. This pudding cup tastes like an Oreo but better, if you can believe it. Anyway, I figured it was high time that I should record my custard making process, as I've described it so many times (with words and photo diary) but sometimes, it's nice to watch it happen for real, ya know?

Instant pudding mixes are really delicious, I admit it, but making custard yourself yields something even more delicious so why not try it at least once?
Here's the recipe page:


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