What I Ate: Dahk Jook

I shared a super easy version of a Korean chicken porridge a little while ago. A few weeks ago, I made it with cornish hen and it was so much better! Like, so freakin' good that I had to use the word "freakin'" which I think is an ugly word but that's how good it was. The chicken bones add a ton of flavor, I guess. Who knew? Everyone knew, myself included; chicken thighs are just way more convenient and less gross to handle. Anyway, I didn't document it in proper recipe fashion, but you can follow my regular recipe and replace the chicken thighs with cornish hen.

Oh! And another thing I did was to add in thinly sliced super spicy hot peppers (the little tiny Thai peppers) to the chicken mix. It was a delicious addition that set our mouths on fire (in a good way).