What I Ate: Salted Caramel Apple Galette

So I've shared a few savory Thanksgiving dishes, and that's all well and good but dessert is really important too so I thought it would be prudent to share a couple of sweet recipes too. This first idea isn't a recipe post, as you can tell by the title, but a 'What I Ate' post. I formatted it this way because 1) I recently made galettes so it felt like overkill to do it again and 2) it's a really easy dessert that doesn't require too much instruction. You can definitely make ahead of time, which is perfect for big meals that take a lot of preparation (re: Thanksgiving).
I started by making a batch of pie dough. Here it is in its crumbly stage before it was pressed together. It looks like grated cheese, huh? By the way, do you like my new marble pastry board? It's from Sur La Table. It's super affordable and amazing quality. Sur La Table is my new favorite store for kitchen supplies. World Market is a close runner up, though. Actually, I can't say which I like better. They're both great.

And then I made some salted caramel. I just took my caramel sauce recipe and added in a full teaspoon of salt (instead of just 1/4 teaspoon). I added more salt to contrast the apples a bit more.
Then, I sliced up some apples.
And then it was time to assemble. I spread a bit of caramel sauce onto the crust, added some apples, and drizzled them with a bit more caramel sauce. And then, I folded up the dough.
Look at how pretty!
I also made a few personal-sized apple dumplings.
I arranged the pies on a sheetpan and brushed the dough with a bit of cream and sprinkled them with raw sugar.
I baked these in a 350F oven for 25 minutes until they were cooked through.
Look at the dumplings! A bit of caramel sauce dribbled out but it was easily scooped up and plopped back on top. Ah, the miracle of Silpats.
Serve warm or at room temperature, maybe with a scoop of ice cream if you're feeling particularly indulgent. These are a sweet but not too sweet treat and would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving meal this year.
The caramel is sweet and salty (duh) and the apples are crisp and the dough is buttery. Make these and impress your guests and enjoy.


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