Garden 2018

This year, we decided to utilize two separate garden beds and give our plants more space with the hopes that they'd thrive more.
We planted the usual and a few new things. This year's crop includes burpless cucumbers, gherking cucumbers, tomatillo, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, hot cherry peppers, serrano peppers, hot Caribbean peppers, cilantro, sweet basil, thai basil, sage, rosemary, and some bok choy grown from seed. We also planted lots of lavender and citronella to thwart the hungry mosquitos. Our flower choices are a dianthus plant and dead nettle, which are both perennials that will hopefully keep blooms all summer and attract lots of adorable honeybees and bumble bees.

We used plenty of our homemade compost and my dad helped us by redoing the fence around our main garden bed and adding a door and creating a whole new fence for our other garden bed that's adjacent to the house.

Every plant has loads of space so I hope we have a lush crop of goodies this year. I mean, it's only been a couple of weeks and they're already growing rapidly. We planted loads of different peppers with the intention of pickling a bunch, making hot sauce, and eating a lot of Mexican food. The cilantro and tomatillo are also right on theme for the Mexican meals I foresee in our future.
The other addition to this nature-related post is the bird's nest in the hedge in our front yard.
There were four chicks total and even though they look like squishy little pieces of raw meat, I was completely endeared by them. Unfortunately, a predator disturbed the nest and all of the birds have died, which is just tragic. They didn't even get to reach the cute fuzzy phase of their life (before turning into evil scary birds. I'm terrified of birds but still am in support of their well-being; I'm not a complete monster). On the bright side, there's loads of chirping and cheeping in my neighborhood so there are definitely plenty of other bird families to fill the skies.
I'll continue to share growth updates on the garden as the summer progresses.