Garden 2017

The weather was so erratic in early spring so we hesitated to plant the garden. We ended up planting everything mid-April and even planted a few vegetables from seeds.
The weather continued to be a bit weird through May - we had cold spells and hot spells and I think the plants were all v. confused - but hopefully we're in the clear now.

This year, we planted basil, cilantro, rosemary, a few pepper plants, broccoli, cucumber, lavender and eggplant. Our oregano survived the winter so he's snuggled in there too. And in an effort to exercise our green thumbs to be even greener, we planted a few plants from seeds: mesclun lettuce, squash, and jalapeno peppers.
The lettuce flourished. We mixed a bit of compost into the soil, and I think that really helped.
The squash also grew pretty rapidly, which made me really happy. We plan on letting the zucchini grow just a bit so we can also enjoy the squash blossoms.
The peppers seemed to struggle due to the chilly weather. At first, I thought maybe the sprouts in the container were just weeds but I'm 99% confident now that they're really pepper plants.
Our peonies are doing really well this year too. There are at least a dozen flowers (usually we only get three or four) and they're gorgeous.
The strawberries are doing well too. We'll see if they survive the squirrels. (By the way, we don't eat these because GM pees on them... so he gets to eat them since he's claimed them.)
I'll post again once our plants actually start producing.



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