What I Ate: Fruit Smoothie

Right around this time of the year, I go into a major denial about summer's end. Even though I'm no longer a student that has to mourn the end of summer because of the upcoming school year, I think that feeling is sort of just embedded in my brain. After all, I was in school from age 4 through age 21.

So, right about now is when I start clinging to summery things to make me feel happier. For instance, after work, I change out of my office garb right into a particularly summery, tropical-looking playsuit which puts me in a great mood. I've also planned a trip to the beach for next weekend because it's no longer high season which means that dogs are allowed. And of course, I've been gorging on pineapple and coconut because they make me feel like I'm sitting in sunshine on holiday.

Pineapple and coconut are amazing additives to a cocktail, but for the sake of health and my attempt to be healthy and get really fit for my upcoming trip to Grand Cayman, I blended it all up into a delicious smoothie.
And of course, a flamingo stirrer is always a nice touch.

I used the strawberries I froze from our strawberry picking adventure earlier in the summer which are so sweet that they taste like candy. This frozen swirly treat is the perfect pick-me-up. And let's face it: It's still early September and the weather is still warm enough to warrant a chilled drink.


  1. We're heading into spring here and I like the look of this recipe. :) I'll do some freezing of local strawberries and pineapple. Blueberries are super cheap here at the moment - so much so, the chooks have been receiving some daily - I'll throw some of those in as well. The chooks will not be thrilled by that turn of events - blueberries are like chooky chocolate. :)

    1. We love going fruit picking in the summer and we always pick way more than necessary and freeze it. But that's perfect for making smoothies!

      Btw, I'm a little rusty on Aussie slang; chooks are chickens?

    2. Sometimes it is easy to forget one is an Aussie.. :) You are 100% correct, chooks are chickens. I'll try to get some shots of feeding them blueberries but those things go so fast I'm not sure it will be possible! I have been hand feeding them to make sure everyone gets a fair share.. :)


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