What I Ate: Roasted Chicken

If you live in the northeast (of America) then you'll remember that faux-mageddon we had a few weeks back. We were promised an obscene amount of snow but instead had to deal with a mundane amount. Sure, it was blustery cold and the wind was swirling the snow around but I've definitely dealt with worse.

Anyway, our office closed early so we could take our time getting home. I was nervous for the first two minutes of driving, mostly because my office is in a quieter neighborhood so the roads looked pretty bad. However, by the time I made it out onto the main roads, I could see perfectly clean, black asphalt and the rest of my drive was smooth and event-free.

For dinner, I wanted something sort of spectacular to celebrate the fact that I was home before the sun set. So, I decided to roast some bone-in chicken thighs with a mix of colorful vegetables. It was delicious and so incredibly simple. By the way, this would make a lovely (and really easy) meal idea for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I'm single so I don't have to worry about that crap but if you're in a relationship, might I suggest you skip the pricey restaurant and just crank up your oven? I'm sorry, I'm trying to push my own introvertedness onto you guys. But really, eating a delicious, home cooked meal from the comfort of one's own dining room must be so much better than overpriced meals in red heart-plastered eateries, no? And if you're still looking for more inspiration, I did a recipe roundup last year so take a gander.
I just grabbed a big sheet pan, lined it with parchment and then chucked on chicken with a bunch of onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers, and herbs. Everything was generously drizzled with fragrant olive oil and seasoned with coarse salt and pepper.

The whole thing was nestled into a 450F oven for an hour until the chicken skins were golden and the vegetables were tender.
Looks enticing, right?


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