Garden Update 1

The garden has been doing pretty well this year. I think the reason is because it's been so rainy and we haven't had to actively water it (compared to last year when it was super dry and we kept forgetting to water the garden and it died a bit early). We've harvested many cucumbers (which I subsequently turned into pickles), hot peppers, loads of herbs, and we finally have tomatillos that are ready to be harvested! We'd read that you actually need a minimum of two tomatillo plants for successful fertilization and actually, our tomatillo plant was growing humongous with zero fruit at first but all of a sudden, we started seeing cute little husks forming. There's been so much bee activity, we assume that someone else in the neighborhood must have a tomatillo plant or the bees have just been really aggressive with the tomatillo flowers.
Since my initial garden post, we had some mystery squash plant sprout up, which turned out to be seeded from the decorative gourds we tossed into the compost after Thanksgiving. There's also a surprise cherry tomato plant which is also from the compost, which is kind of crazy because we only threw out moldy or icky tomatoes and I'm surprised they seeded. Unfortunately, some ugly squirrel or other annoying creature has already come and eaten a bunch of the ripe tomatoes.