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Thai-Style Whole Fried Fish

The first time I had a fried whole fish was actually at a Vietnamese restaurant. Our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in a nearby town actually closed a few years ago, but not due to unpopularity; rather, we heard a developer bought the plot of land. Anyway, we'd been dining in rather often, always getting the same few dishes: pho, bun bo hue, and spring rolls. But one day, we saw a family sharing a meal and they'd ordered this amazing looking fish smothered in some kind of red-tinted sauce and I was sold. We hadn't put in our order yet so when the server came to our table, we asked her to please bring us that same fish dish. Life was different from then on; okay, so that's pretty dramatic but it's true. Now, whenever there's a chance to order whole fish, we do. I make a Thai-style grilled whole fish  that was inspired by a meal at Kalaya in Philly  but I wanted to combine the simple gingery, oniony, smothering sauce concept with the fried fish that I loved from o

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