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What I Ate: Crispy Pork Carnitas

This dish was inspired by Rick's recipe on Bon Appetit for double pork carnitas. It's almost the same, but a little different because that's ultimately what happens when I follow someone else's recipe, unless it's for baked goods in which case, I do my best to follow the recipe exactly.

I didn't really make any huge changes. I just omitted the pork belly, because I didn't have any, and I added in some garlic. The result was delicious and made for the most decadent tacos.
This recipe does take some time and therefore, it's a better weekend meal than weeknight meal. And we didn't have any leftovers so I don't know how it holds up, but since part of its profile is that there are loads of crispy edges and crunchy bits, I want to say that it probably won't have that same texture the next day.

As typical of my 'What I Ate' posts, there won't be many words beyond this point; it'll just be photos documenting my process.

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